onsdag den 24. maj 2017

F22. What is the significance of the angels?

Strangely enough, there is NO mention of angels anywhere in
the FWWM shooting script (not in the conversation between
Laura and Donna, not the picture in Laura's room, not the
appearance of the angel Ronette sees in the train car, and
not the angel Laura sees at the end of the movie), so the
angel concepts were definitely a last-minute addition by

It seems safe to assume that the disappearance of the angel
from the picture in Laura's room signifies the hopelessness
of her situation, that Ronette was saved/watched over by her
angel in the train car, and Laura was "redeemed" or escaped
from her living hell at the end of the movie.  Some on the
net have suggested that the appearance of the angel at the
end signifies Laura has made it to the White Lodge (see
questions E39 and E40).

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