fredag den 7. november 2014


at falde for Rimbaud, så man kan falde fra Rimbaud (arkadespil)


Signe Gjessing oplæsende Yahya Hassan: magi magi


Endelig Azealia

(at aflyse tivoli gjorde ked), men yay

BROKE OG desperado

Carrot blush!


Up’s and Up, Seductive Pup, Flux- Did a dip, pack up then strut.
Up’s nigga, w-what’s up nigga? with that buck, can i get that rrr-rompin’ uh?!
Mutt’s in Tux, Deluxe and such.
I Be in the Mirror looking Luxe N Plush,!
Luxe N Such, Seductive Strut…
I be aquafizzy or that Passion Punch, or the Fashions Munch, but the fabric’s lush,
You dont get the access none! Spun him on my axis - sun,
Hit him with the hazard hun, denim and a satin rump
Blend it with the carrot blush, Plus I got the cash and the bass have ya spazzin’ some.
Come get ya limps in bum!
Dinner with the Princess one, printed in expensive funds.
(Ayo, That’s how i do my thing, Desperado)
I be pretty, prissy, plenty plush and stuff. You be piggy-pissy, penny-crushed and crunched! crust and dust! slumped and jumped!
Queen scissor-cut suit, other’s not trump.
giddy up this buck - tiddy tuck, no such!
I be freaky frizzy in the front and uh, you be very sleazy lady-lump hip-strut! betty-bump this bun, parrrump-pun-dun
Hit ‘em with the acid tongue,
denim and a python pump, bet he hunt this hun,
here the huntress come, get amongst this one - if the freaky function fun!
I could be the perfect one! splurging on the purchase -yum!, merging on the purpose - won!, when the verse is spun, i’ma hertz this,
can’t can’t rehearse this none!